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What times are installations & take downs?

We promise to have your card installed before 6:30 am and we will be back around sometime after 7:00 pm to remove the display.

Want it earlier to surprise an early riser? Or want us to pick up early? Just let us know in the comments section when you book your card and we can accommodate your request.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are required. We recommend making your reservation two weeks in advance to ensure the best availability including colors and images. We will take reservations up to 48 hours prior to the requested date as available.  Reservations made less than 48 hours prior to the install date will be subject to a $25 rush fee.

I am overwhelmed by all the options! Help!

That is ok! Give us a call at (970) 203-5523.  We would love to chat with you and help select the best option for your special celebration.

What is Fly By Fun?

Fly by Fun is a yard card rental service for all types of celebrations and special occasions. Our installation artists set up your yard card in the front yard of your loved one, friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor. We personalize each yard card based on the information provided to us at the time of your order.  Each yard card display is unique and will be sure to bring joy to the lucky recipient.

How much does the yard card display rental cost?

Packages start at just $75.00. This includes the full yard card display, installation, and takedown within our local delivery area.  Areas outside our local delivery area may be available for an additional fee.  Please contact us at for more details.

How do I reserve a yard card display?

Currently, we are only taking pre-bookings for 2021 special celebrations.

You can pre-book for 2021 here!

May I move my yard card?

No. It is not safe for you to move your yard card, and our insurance coverage does not allow clients to move our product. 

However, we want you to be happy with your yard card.  If you would like it placed in a specific location, please note that during checkout. If it must be moved after installation, please call or text us, and we will come to move it for you, if possible.

May I keep my yard card?

We are glad you love your card so much you want to keep it!

However, our yard cards are rental items and cannot be purchased at this time.

That’s the great thing about our service, we deliver, install and pick-up. There is no labor or storage required on your end.  We handle everything.

What should I do to prepare my yard?

It is extremely important to water your yard the day of your celebration to ensure that the ground is soft enough for installation.  Yard work should be completed ahead of time to prevent damage to the signs.  Also, make sure you secure all animals that may prevent an installation.

May I mow around my yard card?

No!  We ask that you hold off on yard work until the yard card has been picked up.

Also, due to the windy weather we often experience here in Colorado, we often tether our cards down with fishing line.  Mowing and other yard work could damage our product or injure you. You are responsible for any damage that occurs to our product while on your property.

Do you deliver in bad weather?

We know how special your occasion is and we will do our best to deliver in most weather conditions. However, we do reserve the right to cancel if we feel the conditions are too dangerous for our installation artists. Strong winds, lightning, heavy snow, ice or dangerously low temperatures may prevent us from setting up a safe display. 

If the weather forces us to cancel or the ground is frozen and our stakes are unable to be placed in the ground we will contact you to immediately to reschedule or issue a refund.

May my children play around my yard card?

No!  Please do not allow your children to play around the yard card display. 

We encourage you to take pictures, but please take caution when among the yard card.

Please remember that you are responsible for any damage that may occur to the yard card display.

May I keep my yard card an extra day?

Yup!  If the inventory is available. You can keep your yard card for an extra day for 50% of the cost of the one-day rental. Please indicate a two-day rental at checkout.

What if the yard card gets damaged or stolen?

All yard cards and displays are property of Fly By Fun.

Just like all rentals, you are responsible for the property while it is in your possession. You will be charged a fee for damage or theft to Fly By Fun property. The amount of the fee is dependent on the size of the item that is damaged. Fees run from $8 to $25 per item. 

What if I want something you don’t have in your inventory?

We love the opportunity to build our inventory with something you will love! But we will need time to design your graphic, print and ship your special request, so the more time you give us the better for both of us! 

With 2-4 weeks' notice, we should be able to accommodate most custom requests for a fee depending on the item ($10-$40). 

If you have a special request you can complete the custom order form, email us at, or call us at 970-203-5523 and we will do everything in our power to fulfill your request. 

May I take pictures of my yard card?

Of course!  Once we have feathered your nest with a yard card from Fly By Fun, it is now time for you to tag and brag! In fact, if you tag us in your post you will receive a 10% discount code on your next Fly By Fun yard celebration. 

Please take caution when moving among the yard card display and please do not allow children to play in and around the display. We often tether parts of our yard cards with fishing line due to windy weather.

And don't forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram and we will help share the joy. Find us on both platforms @FlyByFunCo

#EnjoyTheJoy #FeatherMyNest #ShakeYourTailFeathers  #ProudAsAPeacock #HappyAsALark

May I order a yard card for someone else’s lawn?

You bet! The only thing better than a yard card from Fly By Fun is a surprise yard card from Fly By Fun!

However, we ask that an adult in the household where the yard card is being delivered is aware of the surprise (for our safety).

May I remove the Fly By Fun business sign?

Please, no. We promise to place the sign so that it doesn’t distract from your celebration.

What are the yard cards made of?

All of the yard cards elements are made of 4mm coroplast plastic. Our yards cards are digitally printed locally, so they are full color and have a unique personality. All cards are displayed in an upright position using metal yard stakes of various sizes or in special circumstances using display stands.

What areas does Fly By Fun service?

We proudly service Fort Collins, Loveland and Berthoud with the zip codes of 80513, 80521, 80524 (South of CR 54), 80525, 80526, 80528, 80537 and 80538.  Services to zip codes 80512 (north of Fort Collins), 80534/80543 (southeast of Loveland), and 80550 (northeast of Loveland) may be available for an additional  service fee of $25.

Do you delver to houses /town houses /mobile homes (personally owned properties)?

Yes, we deliver all types of residences as long as there is a grassy front yard to securely place our signs in the ground on the owner’s property.  We cannot set up our yard cards in rocky lawns, rocky areas or on concrete. We do not set up in back yards. If the residence is part of an HOA we require that you confirm with the HOA that our yard card display is allowed.  No refunds will be given if a HOA asks us to remove the display.

Do you deliver to business offices, condos or apartments buildings (rented properties)?

Yes, as long as you get permission from the property owners and there is a grassy area for the display signs. We cannot set-up too close to an intersection or roadside so that it would block the vision or sight distance of drivers. We also require the renter of our yard cards to contact the owner of the building(s) for permission. We will not offer refunds if the building owners/management requests that the display be removed.

Do you deliver to schools?

We love to work with schools to celebrate their students, teachers and staff!

Of course, we need a grassy area for the yard card display. We cannot set-up too close to an intersection or roadside so that it would block the vision or sight distance of drivers. We also require the renter of our yard cards to contact the school administration for permission and to verify that no yard maintenance is scheduled for the day of the rental. We will not offer refunds if school personnel requests that the display be removed.

What is the refund policy?

We will refund 100 % of the rental cost if the cancellation request is received at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled installation.  Cancellation requests less than 48 hours prior to installation will be refunded at 50% or a credit to be used at a later date.

If we are unable to install due to inclement weather you will receive a 100% refund or a credit to be used at a later available date.

May I tip my installation artist?

You are under no obligation to tip your installation artist.  But if you do choose to tip, your installation artist is appreciative of your generosity.  You have the option to tip during checkout. 

Please know that 100% of your tip goes to the installation artist that worked on your yard card display for their efforts in making your celebration memorable.

Do you still have questions?

Please reach out, we would love to chat with you. You can reach us by email at or by phone (call or text) at 970-203-5523.

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