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Introducing Fly By Fun to our Friends & Family!

Hello friends and family! We are excited to make a thrilling (yet, kind of scary) announcement to begin this holiday season.

Now, during the year of COVID, some people took up a hobby. We (Nicole and Michelle) decided to start a business!

We want to introduce you all to Fly By Fun. Fly By Fun is in the joy and memories business, providing yard card rentals for all celebrations!

We are pretty darn excited to start this new adventure. We are looking forward to our yard card rental business’s full launch on Jan. 1, 2021.

However, we also have some pre-launch specials going on right now! We have an “Elf” display for parents and a “Shop Local” display for small businesses. We are also taking pre-bookings for your 2021 celebrations. You can book online here.

Since we are starting Fly By Fun to bring joy to our community, we want to start with our real-life friends and family! For any of our Facebook or Instagram friends, if you “like” our business page (FB:@FlyByFunCO and IG: @FlyByFunCO), we will PM you a 50% personalized discount code, good through the end of 2021. You can use it now on one of our already heavily discounted specials or save it for a different special celebration in 2021.

We hope our new venture will bring joy to our community. Nothing would bring us more joy than to have your support. Even if you don’t live in northern Colorado, you can support us by liking our page and interacting with our posts. The more folks that interact on our social media pages, the more likely our posts will be seen by potential customers.

We begin this week of thanks by thanking you all for your friendship, love and support. We wish you all a safe Thanksgiving full of joy, laughter and memories.

Enjoy the joy! Nicole & Michelle


You can support us by following Fly By Fun on social media:

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